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Feature – Automated Recent Track Summary

The new release of the Intelligent Routing web app now includes automated recent track summary information when opening the page. The feature was mentioned in the Improvements to Intelligent Routing Post. Instead of waiting for users to choose a date and device to track, all tracks for today are automatically loaded.

The recent tracks for the past 14 days are summarized at the left and with a single click all the devices that were active on the day are added to the map. In the image below one can see the 3rd September 2015 loading:

loading recent tracks

With a single click all tracks for a day are loaded.

Once the tracks are available on the map one can simply click on the colored arrow which takes us to the track focus screen with the new timeline function, which I’ll describe in the next post.

Automated Recent Track Summary shows two trips to the airport recently

The green track for today loaded by the automated recent track summary and the brown track was loaded with a single click. After completion the circle to the left shows how many tracks were loaded from that specific date.


To see this feature in action once can select a few recent days. In the screenshot below one can see the recent tracks as loaded. Each day gets an icon showing the number of tracks that were retrieved for the day.

Automated Recent Track Summary: loaded 4, 2, 3, 3, 4, and 4 tracks and still loading.

Automated Recent Track Summary: loaded 4, 2, 3, 3, 4, and 4 tracks and still loading for the 1 September.

You can try out today’s new feature at the web app’s track page. [Update: added a screenshot showing the number of tracks loaded for each day]

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