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Intelligent Routing Saves and Pays

Intelligent Routing was built to turn a mobile phone into an asset and help users save. The uses and savings of Intelligent Routing have previously been discussed, but if this information is not enough to go by, we are proud to say that Intelligent Routing, in fact, pays for itself, and not only in one way.

1. Fuel & maintenance savings

If Intelligent Routing’s route planner saves you 10 km per day while driving a car, it pays for itself in 20 days. The kilometers to save become even less when driving a pickup (bakkie) or truck.

2. Time savings

Depending on the hourly rate of the employee doing route planning, Intelligent Routing pays for itself if the route planner saves 15-30 minutes per day for 20 days.

3. Opportunity cost savings

If the fuel and time savings grow, and you have a larger fleet, Intelligent Routing can contribute towards savings in the following way:

  • Fewer drivers required (or longer time-frame before having to acquire a new driver).
  • Fewer delivery vehicles required (or longer time-frame before having to acquire a new vehicle).
  • Less staff required to plan the routes.

Intelligent Routing is confident that it will surpass the figures in 1 and 2, meaning that the system shall be generating a profit and saving on expenses.


Written by the Intelligent Routing team who work hard to make vehicle route optimization software available to every business that runs a fleet.
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