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Welcome to Intelligent Routing!

Update: Our next blog post shows how easy route planning is with Intelligent Routing.

We are an engineering and software development company based in the greater Pretoria area, Gauteng, South Africa.

With over 60 years of combined experience in optimization and software engineering, the Intelligent Routing team aims to bring you, our potential client, a quality service that helps you save.

Here is a short summary of highlights how Intelligent Routing has thus far helped clients save:

  • Fuel and vehicle maintenance savings (Up to 1000 km/month per optimized vehicle routes, with 15-50% distance saving on existing route plans),
  • Reduced carbon footprint – fewer emissions (Approx. 2.35 kg of CO2 per liter of unleaded petrol gives about 235 kg saved emissions on 1000 km),
  • Easy to use for drivers (15 minutes training per driver to get up and running),
  • Easy to manage (1 manager can plan for, and handle, multiple drivers with ease),
  • Quality improvement: Empower existing staff to improve delivery quality (knowledgeable drivers improve the delivery quality of other drivers automatically, even the sales team’s knowledge is captured to help drivers with address resolution),
  • Time savings: Maximize existing capacity of delivery vehicles (more control over plans and less km driven opens up space in the existing fleet that was previously not available),
  • Save hiring extra fleet managers and drivers while the company grows (new drivers and vehicles are added seamlessly once needed, without the disruption usually associated with new drivers).

We are excited by the results we have seen so far and look forward to opportunities to implement these savings in your company.


The Intelligent Routing Team

Written by the Intelligent Routing team who work hard to make vehicle route optimization software available to every business that runs a fleet.
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